Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Committe for Gender Equality

In every Region a Committee for Gender Equality is set by Governor's Decision.

Its competencies are set according to the Law 3852/2010 article 186. The Committe set up due to Gov. Decision 2160/10046/7-4-2011 and its members are:

  1. Stavros Arnaoutakis, Governor of Crete, as President with substitute Maria Lionis, ViceGovernor of Rethimnon.

  2. Maria Tzanakakis-Melissaris, Regional Councilor, as a full member with substitute Maria Aggelakis, Regional Councilor, both reps of Region of Crete.

  3. Aggeliki Sxoinarakis, Vice Mayor of Heraklion, as a full member with substitute Kalliopi Lydatakis member of the Board of Local Association of Municipalities and Communities, both reps of Regional Association of Municiplaities and Communities.

  4. Eleni Armaou Philologist of Special Education , as a full member with substitute Amalia Basia , Teacher, both reps of General Secretary for Gender Equality.

  5. Maria Pachiadakis as a full member with substitute Maria Tsirigotakis, both reps of the Women Association of Heraklion and Regional Unit of Heraklion.

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