Sunday, March 25, 2018
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Committee of Finance

Committee of Finance is comprised of Governor or the appointed Vice Governor as President and 8 members (in Regions with population up to 800000 inhabitants). Members are elected from the Regional Council.

Committee' s competencies are set due to Law 3852/2010, article 176.


Vice Governor Ms Maria Lioni


  1. Nikolaos Kakogiannakis 
  2. Manolis Alexakis 
  3. Nikolaos Xilouris 
  4. Ioannis Goulidakis 
  5. Panayiotis Simandirakis 
  6. konstantinos Badouvas 
  7. Nektarios Sermakis 
  8. Georgios Stathakis 

Substitute Members

  1. Konstantinos Lambrinos 
  2. Eycharistia Koutentakis 
  3. Dimitrios Michelogiannis 
  4. Ioannis Leontarakis 
  5. Pelagia Petraki 
  6. Nektarios Papavasileiou 
  7. Georgios Giakoumakis 
  8. Georgios Kontaxakis 

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