Sunday, March 25, 2018
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Regional Council for Innovation (RCIC)


The creation of a strong and continuously developing Economy of Knowledge, based on technological innovation, aimed at upgrading the quality of life of the residents of the Region of Crete and achieving sustainable development which respects the environment and culture.


The RCIC operates as an advisory body of the Region, dealing with issues related to the promotion of innovation and the strengthening of the competitiveness of Crete, proposes actions which could be realized by bodies or partnerships of bodies with financing from various sources. Furthermore, it proposes changes and revisions in case the actions realised are not effective. The RCIC may constitute ad hoc working teams with the responsibility of recommending issues for elaboration, which will be either proposed for discussion or selected for this reason by the Council on the basis of Region's priorities and Strategy.

The following Working Teams are set:

1. Information and Communication Technologies

2. Tourism

3. Energy

4. Environment

5. Culture

6. Health

7. Entrepreneurship

8. Green Development

9. Agro Sector

10. Mountainous Development

Participation is voluntary and anyone interested should contact the member – bodies of the RCIC (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)


The RCIC is composed of a relatively small number of personalities and experts who represent the academic/research community and the world of business and bodies which plan and realize actions for the development of Crete. No payment is foreseen for the participants.

After the completion of its establishment, the Council will compile a Regulation of Operation which will be approved by the Regional Authorities. The Regulation will describe in detail its structure and way of operation and its revision will be possible upon proposal of the Council to the Regional Governor.

The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Council are appointed by the Governor of Crete. In case of absence the Vice-Chairman replaces the Chairman. The Governor summons the Council upon proposal of the Chairman or whenever issues evolved for which the proposals and/or the opinion of the Council are required.

Chairman: L. Oikonomou, Professor Emeritus, University of Crete, former Chairman FO.R.T.H. and former General Secretary of Research and Technology.

Vice-Chairman: G. Papamastorakis, Professor Emeritus, University of Crete and Director of the Skinakas Astronomical Observatory.

Strategic Targets

The Council has immediate, short-term and long-term targets.

The immediate and short-term targets of the Council may include:

1. Contribution to the compilation of a Strategic Plan of the Region for Innovation including the registration of new sectors for entrepreneurial activity and the identification of legal or other obstacles to entrepreneurial or other action.

2. Contribution to the development of a policy for better utilization of the impending Innovation Pole of Crete. The development of this policy should take into account the experience of the last 30 years and the need for a structure that will facilitate and promote innovation and entrepreneurial activity, like the Centers of Service of Citizens facilitated the life of citizens.

3. Creation of a support mechanism for the submission of the financing proposal of the impending Innovation Pole of Crete.

4. Support for the realization of the Innovation Pole of Crete.

5. Creation of a one-stop-shop in the Region for the support and promotion of entrepreneurship.

6. Finding and highlighting Best Practices of entrepreneurial activity for imitation and/or support.

7. Establishment of the institution of "Innovation Days" in Crete and organization of various events with thematic focus.

8. Establishment of yearly prizes of Youth & Student Entrepreneurship.

9. Creation of a Network of Technology Transfer in the Region with the cooperation of all institutes, bodies and businesses and creation of a "technological portfolio" for the utilization of mature technologies.

10. Creation of a Regional Observatory of Innovation & Digital Centre of Information in the Region for registration, data processing, production of indices and dependable facts about the Region of Crete and creation of tools to support Innovation.

11. Promotion of the creation of an International Pole of Research and Innovation which will be a model for the Southeastern Mediterranean.

12. Creation of an International Centre of Education & Training in the fields of Medicine and Technology.

13. Creation of a Regional Innovation Fund for the seed funding of innovative plans and the support of innovative businesses.

14. Promotion of networking through clusters, technology platforms etc.

15. Creation of a network of experienced businessmen who will be Mentors to new businessmen through the existing bodies (Unions, Chambers etc.).

16. Support of the extroversion of the Region through networking with (Cretan) businessmen from other countries and support of new businessmen from Crete going to other countries for experience and networking.

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