Sunday, March 25, 2018
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Cretan Nutrition

"Don’t look for a pill that can substitute for the Cretan diet. There is no such thing".

Serge Renaud 1998, "Lyon Diet Heart Study"

The Cretan Diet is the base of the Mediterranean Diet, as proven by scientific studies and documented by international literature.

Research results on the relation between nutrition and health confirm the superiority of the Cretan Diet in comparison to other dietary schemes of the Mediterranean and the rest of the world, in terms of its beneficial effects on longevity and chronic disease treatment (heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes etc.).
The "Seven Countries Study" has triumphantly proven the value of the Cretan nutrition and the importance of the foods of the Cretan dietary scheme (such as olive oil, plant fibers, fresh seasonal foods and vegetables, pulses) in the adherence to a healthy diet model, shielding the Cretans from the serious diseases of Western Civilisation.


Mortality from coronary heart disease per 1000 individuals in the populations studied by the Seven Countries Study, after 25 years of follow-up. The diagram shows the average mortality rate for two populations from Finland, three populations from Italy, 5 populations from Yugoslavia and 2 populations from Japan. None of the separate populations showed mortality lower than that of Crete. In the United States and the Netherlands one population was studied.

(Adaption from Menotti et al. 1999)

Today the Cretan Diet and the local products claim the position and the recognition they deserve. In view of continuous food scandals and the threatening dimensions of the harmful effects of the modern demanding way of life on human health, the adoption of the principles of the Cretan dietary pattern is deemed to be necessary, both for young ages and adults.
The Cretan Nutrition involves a general way of life and we should not ignore the factors that have probably contributed to its beneficial effects:

  • Physical activity,
  • Fixed meal times and
  • The fact that meals used to be a pleasant social experience, in contrast to the large number of people who consume food in front of the TV, which is a habit associated with overconsumption of food.

Today, promoting the superiority of “the Cretan dietary pattern” is a strong competitive advantage for Crete. As societies and economies develop, it is more important than ever that people inside and outside the island return to a healthy dietary pattern based on local, quality products, which constitute the healthiest nutrition worldwide.

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