Planning and coordination of actions for all the services of the Region, with the aim of best serving the citizens.
Recommendation of organizational measures which are necessary for improving the performance of the services of the Regions.
In situ monitoring of all the agencies of the Region and submission of a detailed report every three months to the Governor, for each service of the Region with corresponding improvement proposals.

Department of Coordination

Communicates with all the agencies, work monitoring and proposals’ submission for the establishment of Offices for the coverage of a certain need of the agencies.
Region’s Policy application in regard to citizens’ services issues.
Submits a 3-month-report to the Governor (in a yearly basis).
Application of pilot plans for better service of citizens, including recommendations to hire staff for the coverage of needs of the agencies.
Department’s Director has to visit all Region’s agencies and units at regular intervals in order to form a personal opinion on the quality of the services offered to the citizens.
The Head of the Directorate may do the same.

Department of Planning

Organization and planning of actions for the best provision of citizens’ services.
Recommendation to the competent instruments of the Region to make decisions on issues of citizens’ services.