Administrative support of the adm. units of the Region, assisting these units in the fulfillment of their goals and their mission.
Data processing for the estimation of the staff needs of the units, management of all issues of staff administration as well as issues concerning the conduct of elections and the proper function of the collective Bodies of the Region.

Personnel Department

Responsible mainly for all issues concerning the status of service of all the staff of the Region. It issues relevant actions for the staff, if the opinion of a collective organ is needed. It also issues all individual actions concerning the staff of the Regional Unit of Heraklion.

Department of Collective Bodies

Support of the collective administrative Bodies of the Region and maintenance of a record of their actions.

Department of Secretariat

Organization, classification and maintenance of the central protocol, as well as the paper and electronic records of the services of the Region, apart from the Units which have a separate secretarial Office.
Distribution of the correspondence of the Region.
Attestation of copies and photocopies according to the legislation in force.
Attestation of the genuineness of the signature.
Affixing the Hague Apostille to documents of the Region’s Units.