Department of Health Services and Professions

Granting and recall of medical professional licenses.
Granting of establishment and operation licenses of private hospitals, private care businesses, doctor’s offices, dental clinics, laboratories and any kind of places where health and care professions are privately exercised.
Granting of establishment, operation and feasibility license of First Instance Healthcare bodies.
Supervision of medical, dental, pharmaceutical associations.
Granting of establishment and operation licenses of Mental Health Units.
Imposition of punishments to doctors and dentists according to the legislation in force.
Imposition of punishments to doctors and dentists who prescribe drugs in simple prescriptions and not in the special ones, as well as to chemists who sell drugs with simple prescriptions instead of the special ones.

Department of Public Hygiene

Development and application of public hygiene programs.
Safeguarding of travellers’ health and protection of public health.
Vaccinations of the travelling population.
Administering preventive medication, such as chemoprophylaxis.
Information on the treatment of diseases and guidelines about illnesses, water and food consumption and infectious epidemics in various countries.
Taking measures for the protection from infectious diseases.

Department of Prevention and Health Promotion

Development of procedures though which individuals can develop control over their health and improve it.
Development and application of programs of preventive medicine, dentistry, mental hygiene, social reintegration and deinstitutionalisation of chronic mental patients.
Prevention of addiction to addictive substances, treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, mental dependence and addiction.