Directorates of Development

Department of Licenses Issuance, Development, Energy and Natural Resources

Issuance of licenses of installation, operation, control, studies.
Administrative and technical matters and issues concerning development, energy, natural resources, investment and environment protection.

Department of Professions

Issuance, control and granting of all professional licenses for mechanics, machine operators, electric arc welders etc.

Department of Commerce

Foundation, operation, dissolution of corporations and other issues related to these companies.
Conduct of controls and imposition of fines for inaccurate or misleading discounts or offers.
Formation of the local committee of fine imposition, price control sufficiency and proper operation of the market.
Control of the normality of the prices and the services provided.

Department of Lifelong Learning, Education and Employment

Approval of school trips in the country and abroad.
Formation of school ephorates which operate in school units of ecclesiastical education.
Operation of certified Centres of Professional Education.
Care for ensuring electronic interconnection with the Directorate of Lifelong Learning, Employment and Commerce.
Approval of the fraternization of schools of the country with schools from abroad, cooperation of them, as well as participation of students in international student meetings.
Granting of establishment and operation license of Higher Schools of Dramatic Art, Dance and Cinema according to the legislation in force.

Department of Secretarial Support

It is responsible mainly for all administrative works and actions concerning the Directorate and its departments.