Department of Environmental Hygiene and Health Control

Safeguarding of public health through sanitary controls and care for the application of health legislation.
Issuance of local health provisions.
Taking of measures on matters of public hygiene
Imposition of punishments
Issuance of reports for the granting of licenses to all businesses of sanitary interest
Safeguard of environment hygiene and, in particular, giving opinion on garbage disposal licenses, sound measurements, water supply control.
Taking measures concerning matters of environment hygiene, at regional unit level
Responsibilities of public hygiene and travel medicine.

Department of Social Solidarity

Granting and recall of social worker’s professional license, according to the provisions in force and maintenance of a relevant register with continuous updates.
Participation in programs of cultural and athletic bodies of the region and the municipalities, implementation of athletic programs in cooperation with the competent ministries, sports unions, municipalities and other bodies of Public or Private Law.
Supervision of the National Sports Centers according to the legislation in force.

Department of Medicines and Pharmacies

Administering of medicines.
Issuance of decision of administering drugs to cancer patients.
Approval of drug prescription books for private doctors and hospitals.
Monitoring of the circulation of drugs and other medicines in pharmacies and hospitals.
Approval of healthcare fees and collection of prescriptions of the Organization of Agricultural Insurances from all pharmacies, where no branch of the Organization of Agricultural Insurances exists.
Granting of establishment and operation licenses to pharmacies and pharmaceutical storehouses, control of them and monitoring of pharmacy assistants.